The “New” Laptop

The other day I picked up yet another laptop- well, it was FREE. It’s a Toshiba Satellite Pro 460CDT, in almost perfect condition- barely needs cleaning, and just a few slight scratches on the cover. Before anyone gets too excited about it, here’s a picture. And full specs.

Showing my previous attempt to put AntiX on it.

This beauty runs an original Pentium processor at a blazing fast 166 Mhz. With a 32 KB cache, 64 MB of RAM and a cavernous 2 GB HDD, this is the machine of your dreams… in 1997.

The 12″ screen is clean and bright, zero dead pixels or artifacts, and will display at 800×600. On a screen that size it honestly doesn’t seem too big or pixelated, although I do have to think of my 11″ netbook running 1366×768…
The back fairly bristles with ports and connections, serial ports, parallel ports, nameless 30 pin this, 20 pin that, 50 pin something else with giant hooks and couplers to hold the cables on- I haven’t even identified half of them yet. And the real gem- a single, lonely but gloriously useful USB 1.1 port. πŸ™‚
At about 2″ thick and weighing a portly 7 pounds it’s even portable, in a vague sense. I haven’t tested the battery, but it held a charge for at least two minutes, so it doesn’t appear to be a total loss.
Right now I’m working on putting Slitaz CLI only on it- I would have loved to go Arch but Arch has yet to spawn a viable i586 compatible release, despite numerous efforts in the past.
But with no networking capabilities beyond an RJ11 port, installing software is going to be tough. My best option at this point seems to be repackaging the EasyTether for Android .deb file as .tazpkg, and hopefully avoid dependency misery.
We’ll see. πŸ™‚