Acer Aspire One 722-0369 Overheating Solved

My varied experiences with running Linux on this netbook is well documented in the “My Hardware” category of this site, and a brief perusal will reveal that it has been, if nothing else, varied.

My distro hopping has stopped, or at least slowed down, with Crunchbang 11 (Waldorf). The only remaining fairly serious issue I’ve had is that the computer tends to overheat, and I can’t hear/feel the fans running. I managed to ignore it for a while until I realized how foolish it was to ignore it, and did some research.

I wound up installing lm-sensors and thinkfan (both available in the Debian repositories). With no further configuration, this seems to have taken care of the problem. The netbook runs a good 10° C cooler than previously, and I can feel the fan running (it’s ridiculously quiet). I check the temperatures by running