Crunchbang Theme notes

To completely change Crunchbang’s visuals, many tweaks are required. These include

  • Editing ~/.themes/openbox_theme/themerc
  • Editing ~/.themes/gtk_theme/gtk-2.0/gtkrc (unless you change gtk themes altogether
  • Changing/editing icon theme
  • Editing .tint2rc
  • Editing ~/.mozilla/firefox/6ikq0|1s.default/chrome/userChrome.css
  • Create a new Terminator layout, and edit the command to start terminator to “terminator -l “my layout name””. This command needs to be added to both the Openbox menu and the keyboard shortcut in rc.xml.
  • Change some background/foreground colors in Xchat to match.
  • Invert colors in Geany so as to be light text on dark background.

These are just a number of tweaks I applied to achieve the latest look on my main machine. As a note, the separators in the Openbox menu got messed up- were the size of an entire menu entry. Simply deleting them and re-adding them in obmenu fixed it, oddly enough it didn’t affect all separators, only a few on submenus.

For the current theme I used the ACYL icon theme, nice because you can change the color with a simple command-

cd ~/.icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.9.4/ && bash AnyColorYouLike

The icon theme should update automatically. If not a simple login/logout will usually put it to rights, same with GTK themes.

I will add to this page as I continue to tweak #! visuals.