Scientific Linux in VBox

Out of pure curiosity, I recently downloaded and installed Scientific Linux 6.4 in a virtual machine. My last extended brush with RPM based distros (besides the couple months I spent with Fedora on my netbook) was back around 2005-2006, when I first experimented a bit with GNU/Linux, specifically Fedora and OpenSUSE.
SL was very remniscent of that experience. It appears to be a virtually identical free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the de facto corporate distro. It is known mainly for stability, which usually also means “being old”. Both Red Hat and SL use the Gnome2 desktop environment (one that’s been deprecated for nearly a year now) and kernel 2.6. Thus SL is not for people interested in the latest packages or bleeding edge software (obviously). Its server counterpart, CentOS, is also known for stability, and is much used in the server world.
I did install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, as I do with any virtual machine that I plan to use for more than thirty minutes. It was a bit of a challenge, but I did manage to get shared folders/bidirectional copy-paste/arbitrary screen resizing working.
I did have to install gcc, make, and kernel-devel$(uname -r), but after that it built the guest modules correctly and seems to be running well.

I have no immediate plans for my SL virtual machine. I may use it for some coding and general goofing around with RPM. Stability is great in a long term machine for this use, and I may even switch to using it instead of my Lubuntu 12.10 VM.

And of course, a screenshot. 🙂

SL Screenshot