This post is just a few notes on one of the more strangely named programs available for GNU/Linux- not that Linux programs tend to have strange names or anything. 🙂

Scid vs. PC (SVPCC for this article’s purposes) is a fork of the original Scid project. Scid is an acronym for Shane’s Chess Information Database. It is a program for viewing, annotating and analyzing chess games, for playing chess against engines and on online servers, and a database to manage all your games. It is large and complicated and very powerful- sort of the Emacs of chess software. In accordance with my opinions on Emacs, however, I find it well worth learning to use.

I started with the original Scid, but found its interface painfully antiquated. It did more or less function, but I later learned that it has not received any development or bug attention for several years. SVPC doesn’t have the most modern looking interface, but it is very much improved and very usable.

SVPC is easy to install even though all that is provided is the source code. Instructions are available on the project’s website; a simple ./configure and make install. I received errors about no tcl.h or tk.h but a simple installation of tcl8.5-dev and tk8.5-dev fixed that.

I’m currently using Linux Mint 15 with Cinnamon, and I had to create my own .desktop file for Scid vs. PC to access it via the menu or panel, but that was a breeze and there are lots of resources on that subject.

For more Scid vs. PC information there is a good thread on the forums- link.